Why Investment is Important? SIP Calculator | Gold | Mutual Funds | Crypto Invest

 Investment kyun important hai life me? Iss video pe main ek SIP calculator ke madat se sabko samjhane ko kosis kiya hai ki investment kyu jaroori hai. Kya hota hai invest karne se, interest kisa type ka hota hai long time pe.

To agar aap avitak investment start nehi kiye ho to avi v time hai start kar do, nehi to future me jab time nehi rahega tab sochte reh jayoge. Niche kuch video ka link jo dekh kar aap investment start kar sakte ho.


Time Stamp:

00:00 Intro

00:40 SIP Calculator Use

01:25 Why We Should Invest?

02:58 Gold Investment Calculation

06:08 Mutual Fund Investment

08:40 Crypto Investment

12:32 Overview of Invest

14:36 Outro


Gold Investment:

👉 Gold Investment in Groww App - https://youtu.be/pVASNZ3tzDU

👉 Gold Investment in Google Pay - https://youtu.be/qB29i2jL2GI

👉 Gold Investment in PhonePe - https://youtu.be/rg80AW-mmGM


Mutual Fund Investment:

👉 Mutual Fund Investment Through PhonePe - https://youtu.be/RiUKZ0hj7XE

👉 How to Start SIP on Groww App - https://youtu.be/6We-b5y_4Wg


Crypto Investment:

👉 Invest in Bitcoin in Coinswitch Kuber - https://youtu.be/7CBtYw2DemY

👉 SIP in Bitcoin & Ethereum - https://youtu.be/ajf5GkY-StY


Friends, Cryptocurrency & Mutual Funds investment always has market risk. So, before invest you've to clear about all your profit & loss.

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